Every day we are faced with opportunities to have faith in our fellow man. Sometimes those opportunities can change the direction of history. Sometimes they simply change one persons life, their destiny. How amazing would it be to know that you changed a persons destiny with one small act of faith?




02/27/2016 2:53am

A leaf of faith is priceless and moral attachment with the set of beliefs and norms of the religion. The abilities of the times are very important and significant. It is done and resurrected in this manner. It is done and utilized for the strong and immensely needed form of arguments and norms.

In this article, I remember this edition of The Power of Faith and Prayer by an excellent author Samuel Rutherford. Here, I love his ways of relaying to us and expounding the value of faith, that with God, nothing is impossible, He does miracles, He has the complete power to heal and our prayer is always strong for Him.

08/08/2016 9:09pm

Great web with a great content. Like it so much!

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